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The Library Book

by Susan Orlean (027.4794 ORL)
  • Five stars
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    The Library Book by Susan Orlean is an absolute masterpiece. The main story is the seven hour fire that raged through Central Library in 1986 and she writes it like a narrative. It describes the morning of the fire itself and the entire aftermath and rebuilding. The main arson suspects entire life story is carefully and thoughtfully laid out in full. In addition, she writes of the entire history of library's and the birth of the Central Library starting from the shack of books in the 1800's to the castle it is now. The final storyline is her personal experiences, interviewing every department of the library and investigating the current obstacles it faces. A mix of true crime and on-the-ground journalism, Orlean weaves her way around every possible topic and pulls it together into a fascinating and thought-provoking book. I couldn't put it down. Also suggested: The Orchid Thief
    Julia F Grade 9