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Pride and Prejudice

by Jane Austen (FIC AUSTEN)
cover: Pride and Prejudice
  • Five stars
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    Great book. Austen shows her dislike for people's pigheadedness and pride. What will happen to Elizabeth? Also suggested: Sense and Sensibility
    Sydney A. Grade 10
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    This book is one that has been beloved by many for years. It is a classic tale that evokes all sorts of emotions and a read that I would absolutley recommend!
    Kilee C. 17
  • Three stars
    Give it a try, if you have the time.
    This book took a lot of patience to get through. Since the language is different now than it was in the 1800s, it was hard to understand the book. Once you get used to the language and had an idea about who the characters were and how they fit in, I guarantee you that you will enjoy it. It has a great story line and Austen uses witty yet wise descriptions.
    Allison L. 14