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Not Even Bones

by Rebecca Schaeffer
  • Five stars
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    This book was really interesting! It is about a girl named Nita who works with her mom to dissect unnaturals and sell their body parts on the black market. Nita is used to only having to dissect dead creatures, but one day her mom brings in a boy who is still alive. Nita can’t bear to dissect someone who is alive, especially since the boy seems so innocent, and she ends up going behind her mom’s back to set the boy free. However, as the saying “no good deed goes unpunished” goes, Nita ends up having to deal with a huge, life-changing consequence for deciding to let the boy go. I really enjoyed reading this book and plan on reading the others in the trilogy as well! I would highly recommend this book! There is also a Webtoon online that was created based on the book, which is also really popular. I would also say that the Webtoon is worth checking out! Also suggested: The other books in the trilogy (Only Ashes Remain and When Villains Rise)
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