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The Name of This Book Is Secret

by Pseudonymous Bosch
  • Five stars
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    Warning - SPOILER! This was an awesome book and I would definitely recommend it! It has the perfect amount of adventure and suspense to make any reader want to keep reading and ends on a perfect cliff hanger each time just making you want to read the next book in the series! It talks about Cass and Max-Ernest who become partners to investigate the magician's house. Cass finds herself in a pickle when she goes by herself to save Benjamin who has been captured by the midnight sun. She thinks it is the end but gets saved by Owen a nice servant at the midnight sun. Owen returns Cass, Max-Ernest, and Benjamin home. Because of Cass and Max-Ernest saving Ben they recieved useful gadgets from the sender P.B. A survival backpack and a decoder Also suggested: If You're Reading This, It's Too Late
    Alivia C. Grade 6
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    I really liked it. I liked how they learned that it is not all about them that they need help if they will do anything right. I also liked the mystery in the book.
    Aubrianna K Grade 6
  • Five stars
    Read this book right now & tell all your friends!
    This is a awesome book! I really enjoyed reading it. Its about a secret and you don't find out about until you read the whole series. you get an even better understanding if you read the second series. Read this book! You will get attached to the characters!
    Sara C. Grade 7