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The Testing

by Joelle Charbonneau
  • Five stars
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    I really enjoyed reading this book! It is a dystopian novel about a girl named Cia who lives in a small colony in the US in the future. She gets selected to participate in the Testing, which is a program meant to test gifted students from different colonies to find people to become new leaders of the US, which has been trashed from many biological wars and natural disasters. The Testing is more than just paper and pencil tests though, and Cia doesn’t know what to expect since everyone who has passed through the Testing gets their memories wiped afterwards. If you liked the Hunger Games, I think you will like this book! It is very suspenseful and filled with tension, and you get nervous for the characters as you read it! It feels like you are really there watching everything happen. But just a warning some of the descriptions in the book relating to violence that happens can get a bit vivid and graphic. I wish that is something I knew before starting the book, so I wouldn’t recommend reading this book if you don’t like that kind of stuff. Also suggested: The other books in the trilogy (Independent Study and Graduation Day), The Hunger Games
    Brianna Y Just Graduated
  • Five stars
    Read this book right now & tell all your friends!
    The book was really suspenseful and was a lot like the hunger games. I thought it was really good and will definitely be looking out for the next book. Also suggested: The Hunger Games
    Pooja B 14