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The Obsession

by Jesse Sutanto
  • Five stars
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    The Obsession by Jesse Sutanto is a realistic fiction read about a boy named Logan who is in love with a girl named Delilah. However, he ends up becoming obsessed with her and stalks her to the point where he knows almost everything about her. Delilah wants Logan to leave her alone, but Logan won’t stop because he thinks that they are meant to be together. Delilah has many dark secrets though that she wants to keep hidden. However, Logan has found out about many of these secrets and uses them as blackmail to prevent Delilah from seeking help to get Logan to stop stalking her. The book is very interesting throughout every time the plot seems to be calming down, there is always another shocking and thrilling plot twist that comes next to shake up the story again. Because of this, I would say that it’s not just your average realistic fiction novel! I would recommend this book if you’re looking for something interesting and suspenseful to read!
    Brianna Y Just Graduated