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Green Rider

by Kristen Britain
  • Five stars
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    Though I had never heard of this author or the Green Rider series before being given this book, when I started reading I found myself rapidly immersed in the unique fantasy world of the story: a world where a group of horse-riding messengers possessing minor magical abilities serve their king, carrying messages throughout the kingdom. These messengers are known as Green Riders, and the story's heroine, a young woman named Karigan G'ladheon, is thrown into adventure when she encounters a dying Rider who passes his message on to her, desperate for it to reach the king. Karigan, taking on the role of a Green Rider, braves dangerous enemies and mysterious threats to reach her destination and deliver the message. I found this book, and the rest of the series, to be great page-turners with excellent worldbuilding and character development that I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys fantasy, action, or adventure stories. Also suggested: First Rider's Call by Kristen Britain and the rest of the Green Rider series
    Anna J Grade 12