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by Peter Benchley
cover: Jaws
  • Five stars
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    I am so fascinated by this book, and I think it has become one of my unexpected favorites. Sharks have been a fear of mine for a long time, but this book surprisingly changed that perspective. Jaws tells the story of courage, perseverance, the relationship between humans and animals while also holding symbolism for religiona greater force at work, while also teaching readers that the only thing to fear itself. I am personally blown away by the articulation and skillful writing of Peter Benchley's Jaws is a fast-paced, action-filled novel that kept my interest as unwavering as the shark's focus on hunting the Amity townspeople. This is a novel I recommend to any mature readers I think this book can provide great insight on overcoming fears, while also teaching that every story has an ending, a solution, and its own sense of sometimes twisted closure. Jaws is not a novel to soon be forgotten.
    Madison S. 17