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Breaking Point

by Kristen Simmons
  • Five stars
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    This book was amazing and it's one of those books that you never want to end. This sequel followed up really well to the first book and it continued the passionate love story. I normally hate love stories, but the one in this series feels so real and like it could actually be happening. It feels like the characters actually want to be together unlike some other teen books where it feels like characters are just together because the author wanted a love story. I also really appreciate how this series is a dystopian series, but it also tackles important political issues and doesn't follow the typical dystopian format. I do have two complaints though. The beginning of this book started out pretty slow, and I felt like the series could've ended with this book. I'm still going to read the third book and I'm excited to have more time with these characters, but I hope the third book doesn't drag along so much especially considering that the series could've ended with this book. Also suggested: Article Five
    Shawna Grade 12