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Snow Crash

by Neal Stephenson
  • Two stars
    Look elsewhere for a good read — unless you're desperate.
    6.510. This was a big one, and I'm impressed I managed to get through it! My first impressions of this book were great the writing style is snappy and refreshing in contrast to Neil Gaiman's the two Nexls... musing prose in American Gods. The heavy usage of metaphors is a bit overdramatic, but I think that’s the point, and once I recognized that I was able to derive even more enjoyment from it. I found the protagonist, 'Hiro Protagonist' haha? Note: he also wields two katanas, to be a solid character, and despite all of the flamboyentness, actually pretty freaking cool. Also found a cool quote here: To condense fact from the vapor of nuance. Now that I’m reaching the end I can tell that Neal had a bunch of really incredible ideas, but the ending didn’t tie them all together in a satisfactory way it feels like the relationship between characters like Enzo YT should have been developed more, so much more could have been done with the en and other religious connections, etc. It feels like it needed 200 more pages, or should have simplified the story entirely. Not even mentioning the like, 20 page exposition dump of Hiro just directly stating the lore behind the antagonist’s actions with no breaks? It's really unfortunate, but it's honestly unpalatable, and not my thing. The new cover is really nice though, so I'd still buy a paperback bookshelf worthy!
    Victoria H Grade 12