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by Jerry Spinelli
  • Five stars
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    I loved this book, it is about a new girl called Stargirl came to Mica High, she has a strange personality of wearing strange clothing to school and talking to her pet rat, and a boy named Leo starting to fall in love with her. A bittersweet and somewhat magical story of high school love. Also suggested: Love, Stargirl
    Gloria T. Grade 9
  • Five stars
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    Stargirl left me speechless in the best way! I was so sad when I finished the book, but I know that it's one that I will remember. The characters were unique my favorite being Cinnamon, Stargirl's pet rat, the purposes of the book Love people for who they are and Instead of acting as someone else's shadow, just be yourself were phenomenal, and the descriptions that Spinelli gave had painted an unforgettable movie in my mind. You NEED to read this. Also suggested: Love Stargirl,Wonder, Fish In A Tree, Out Of My Mind
    Gracie M. 12
  • Four stars
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    I really think that Stargirl is an awesome book! Stargirl sends a really great message as well. In the book, Stargirl shows that being different is okay. Stargirl expresses that you do not have to fit in perfectly. Stargirl teaches that sometimes it is helpful to be different. In Mica High school, almost everybody has a similar personality and dresses similarly. In the book, Stargirl Caraway is new to Mica High school. Stargirl's name used to be Susan, but she changed it like it was a piece of clothing. People did not know what to make of her. She plays her ukulele, cheers for the other team, and sings happy birthday to everyone, even people she does not know. Stargirl is a great young adult fiction book that really expresses that different is okay whether people like it or not. You should really read Stargirl! Also suggested: Love Stargirl, Loser, Eggs, Maniac Magee, Milkweed, and Wringer
    Madeline E. 11