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by Marcus Sedgwick
  • Five stars
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    !!!SPOILER-FREE!!! Nail-biting suspense fills this superbly written psychological drama. Set in a lone cabin in the arctic wilderness, we follow Sig, a 14-year-old Swedish boy in 1910. Sig is alone in the cabin with the corpse of his father who froze to death on the ice just a short time earlier. Suddenly, a tall, brutish man pounds on Sig's door. He claims that Sig's father stole some gold from him and threatens great harm if Sig doesn't return it immediately. Sig has absolutely no knowledge of the gold, but he does know that there is a loaded colt revolver in the back room. If he can even get to the colt, it will all be a matter of if he will be able to shoot first. As this story slowly unravels, you realize that what you thought you knew was only the tip of the iceberg. In “Revolver”, we are grabbed by the collar and thrown into an uncomfortable pool of tension as each character strains to see who will make the next move Much like Stephen King's Misery. This book hooks us even by its first chilling sentence: Even the dead tell stories. “Revolver” is like no young adult novel you've ever read before and fans of Marcus Sedgwick will not be disappointed. Also suggested: Misery (by Stephen King)
    Grace L. 13