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Wings of Fire: The Lost Continent

by Tui T Sutherland
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    It is the third series within the Wings of Fire series. This is a fantastic book. The story is told from a silkwing dragonet, Blue, he and his tribe are destined to be low lives and work for a much better higher class tribe. Silkwing dragnets go through metamorphosis like butterflies, and when his sister goes through it, he finds that they are both of flame silk descent. If he doesn't surrender to the Hivewing queen, Queen Wasp, he will be hunted down by the Queen's guards and if necessary, the rest of the Hivewing tribe. There is something special about this dragonet. This story is set on a different continent hence the name of this book, Pantala instead of the usual Phyrrian dragons from the books before. It is a great series and this one, in particular, has a somewhat dystopian theme which makes the story such an interesting read. Also suggested: Wings of Fire (The rest of the series)
    Siri K Grade 9