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The Menagerie

by Tui Sutherland (J SUTHERLAND, T.)
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    I found this story very interesting and entertaining. It starts with a seventh-grader named Logan, unaware of a place full of mythical creatures called the Menagerie. Inside, there are unicorns, griffins, and even a kraken! When he finds a griffin cub which he can hear and talk to, his classmate Zoe Kahn and Blue show Logan the Menagerie. Logan, Zoe, and Blue then try to find the rest of the griffin cubs, and how they escaped. It was entertaining reading the adventures that Logan went on. There was a nice bit of suspense that wanted you to keep on reading. It was such a great book, it was hard to put down. Overall, I enjoyed it very much. Also suggested: Fablehaven
    Nathan M. 12