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Carry On

by Rainbow Rowell (YA ROWELL, R.)
cover: Carry On
  • Four stars
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    I loved Carry On immensely. It personifies important themes of trust and responsibility. In the novel, Simon Snow, a teenage magician and the so-called chosen one, struggles to defeat an insidious monster and keep an eye on his mysterious nemesis, Baz. Everything is not always as it seems though, and Snow's life is about to stray from its planned course dramatically. Also suggested: Harry Potter
    Nina T. 13
  • Five stars
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    I really enjoyed Carry On. I recommend you read Rainbow Rowell's novel Fangirl first, although it is not necessary. The main character in Fangirl, Cath, is obsessed with a book series about a boy named Simon Snow. Throughout the novel, there are excerpts from the books and the stories Cath writes about the characters. Rainbow Rowell then wrote Carry On, which is her own take on the story of Simon Snow. Simon is the chosen one, but he's awful at magic. He has an incredible amount of power and he can't control it, so usually, his spells don't work correctly or he sets something on fire. Now, it's his eighth year at Watford's School for Magicks. For the past seven years, his roommate has been a vampire named Baz, who Simon believes is evil. When he doesn't show up to school, Simon is worried the other boy is plotting something. Eventually, Baz returns. However, something happened during his absence that forces the two boys to work together, along with Simon's friend Penelope. Slowly, Simon discovers his feelings towards his infuriating nemesis might be changing. Carry On is a story of magic, friendship and love. It is sure to excite all fans of fantasy. Also suggested: Fangirl, Harry Potter, Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda, Percy Jackson
    Isabella N. 13
  • Four stars
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    Let me just start off by saying that Rainbow Rowell has an unexplainable talent. Well, it's sort of explainable. She learned to write literature that entertains the soul. Simple as that. But, Carry On isn't the simplest thing she's written. The story takes place at the young magic school called Watford. Simon Snow, the main character, is basically the Harry Potter of JK Rowling's series, but Simon is different. He's a Chosen One. And he's not really the best Chosen One either. Or, at least, that's what his roommate, Baz, says. Baz is a vampire. And he's mysterious, too. Simon spends every second of his time at Watford following Baz around just to see what he's up to. When Baz goes missing during their last year, Simon gives it his all to follow his tracks. Also, the Humdrum is an evil magician, and another path leads you to find out his goal. Although it may seem like one of those books that's just like another one, the first sentence of the book intrigues you. As a realistic fiction fanatic, I'm disappointed with most fantasy, but Rainbow Rowell's previous work got me interested in trying something new. And she got me to love it. That's pretty hard to do when it comes to a reality-based child like me. So, basically what I'm trying to get across is, no matter what genre you're into, Rainbow Rowell's Carry On is a book for you. Mainly because it has a little bit of everything. Enjoy! Also suggested: Looking For Alaska by John Green
    Tyler H. 13