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by Terry Prachett
  • Five stars
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    Time Spent: Approx. 3.5 hours 8.710. Because I loved Small Gods so much, I had high expectations for Mort, the first book in Discworld's 'Death' series - Which it met with flying colors! Unlike Small Gods, Mort is not a standalone, however the main thing connecting it to the other books in the Death series is, unsurprisingly, Death himself, who isn't the main character of this story. The book follows also unsurprisingly Mort, who Death takes on as an apprentice because he.. basically wants to retire. Oddly enough, I found it a bit relatable! If I'd been working nonstop since the beginning of reality, I'd want a break too. However, Mort isn't exactly the most dutiful person, and hijinks ensue as he saves someone meant to die, and reality itself is in flux. This book was funny, but it didn't make me laugh out loud like Small Gods did - However, I was very engaged from start to finish, and found myself really enjoying the interactions between Mort and the other characters, especially Death's daughter and some of the people he came to reap. As for critiques, I found the ending a little disappointing, and I really didn't like Cutwell, the wizard character - it feels like Pratchett made him pervy for no reason, and he got absolutely nothing coming for him at the end - There's no justice, only him haha. Overall, though, I loved this book and I will definitely be reading the rest of the series - Bookshelf worthy!
    Victoria H Grade 12