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by Jessica Khoury
cover: Kalahari
  • Five stars
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    This book was amazing! I loved how action packed this book was and I never wanted to put it down. In the book Kalahari, my favorite part was when they first saw the silver lion. The detail the author put into describing the lion really took an affect and I could see a clear picture of what this lion looked like. This book was riveting and I would highly recommend to read it again! Also suggested: Orgin by Jessica Khoury
    Julia P. Grade 9
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    It was an awesome book about six teenagers who get stuck in the Kalahari when they set out to find Sarah's dad who had not come back after his search for poachers. When Sarah and the others run into a silver lion and almost get attacked, they fall into a pit full of water. When they find a ladder-like climbing wall, they make their way up it and come to a hidden laboratory. When they discover a virus disease they understand why the lion was silver. The virus can drive people and animals to madness or even death. After running into the scientists that had been infected, lighting a bushfire, running into an angry elephant and getting taken away by a group of people with guns, Sarah gets infected and later finds the cure that can save her. All in all it's a super book so you should really read it! Also suggested: Eragon(series)
    Naomi C. Grade 6