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Hetty Feather

by Jacqueline Wilson
  • Five stars
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    In the book, “Hetty Feather” by Jacqueline Wilson, Hetty Feather gets a foster family, is shipped off to an orphanage, and even manages to spot the Queen herself on the day of the Golden Jubilee. Hetty has a lot of adventures. She likes to complain about the Foundling hospitals' wicked matrons, Matron Pigface and Matron Stinking Bottomly. At the Foundling Hospital she finds herself knee deep in trouble numerous times, but she always cheers up when the kind chef Ida cares for her. She also cheers up when she thinks about her foster brother, Jem, who promised to marry her and eventually be a family. I think Hetty Feather is a great book because it contains dramatic stories from the point of view of a young child in the Foundling Hospital. It has some serious concepts but is also light hearted and uplifting. I hope you will read this book to find out more about Hetty Feather, written by Jacqueline Wilson. Also suggested: Tracy Beaker trilogy by Jacqueline Wilson
    Isabelle M Grade 6