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The Emoji Movie Junior Novelization

by Tracey West
  • Five stars
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    THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS The Emoji Movie Junior Novelization is a thrilling book, which retells the emoji-nal rollercoaster that is the Emoji Movie. The Emoji Movie is a film beyond words. With such prestigious actors, like Sir Patrick Stewart, James Corden, And so much more. It's really not that hard to see why. Let me break it down for you. 1. Plot. Gene is a meh emoji, in a world where everyone only has one emotion. Gene, though, has multiple. This proves a problem when on his first day at work, he messed up. The villain, Smiler, tries to delete him because of it. He escapes her, teams up with Hi-5, and finds Jailbreak, a hacker. They go on an adventure through apps, like Youtube, and Just Dance, which, by the way, is now free for IOS and Android. Eventually, their user, Alex, gets tired of apps being triggered by the trio, so he schedules an appointment to get his phone wiped. Fortunately, Gene and the others save the day. 2. Jokes One of the only flaws of the movie is the humour. In the first 10 minutes, 5 poop jokes are made. I wish it was more. Another joke is that Gene's parents, also meh emojis, speak in the same monotone voice. It never gets old. Throughout the whole move, I was rolling over with laughter. 3. Rating I give the Emoji Movie a 1010 because I realize that the Emoji Movie is the most original movie out there... People are all about Transformers 5, or Thor 4, or Spiderman Whatever, but I'm about Emoji Movie 1. It runs very smoothly, at a good 1080p HD 160fps. Also, as I already stated, the jokes are GREAT. The story is moving, it really is an Emoji-nal roller-coaster. And the spy attack really fits the scenes. Speaking of music, I forgot that the Just Dance App is now free for IOS and Android. The critics are ?? WRONG! All in all, but as many tickets to the Emoji Movie as you can. Also suggested: The Emoji Movie
    Xander S 11