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Project Mulberry

by Linda Sue Park
  • Five stars
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    I thought this book was very good. In it they characters grew so much. I can relate to it also, because even though I am not chinese, I have a silkworm from my chinese specials teacher at my school. I got it a couple days ago and then started reading this book to learn more about raising them. It did teach me a couple of things I didn't know but mostly it is a fiction story with made up characters. Probably realistic fiction. It was news to me that silkworm leaves needed to be fresh so that the silkworms can get water from them. I am going to have to spray the leaves so that my silkworms can survive because the leaves are not fresh. I am not going to use my silkworm for silk, and I also got it as a caterpillar, not an egg. I only have one. All in all, this is a very good book and I would probably read it again even though I don't tend to read books more than once. It was a very interesting book. Also suggested: Animal Ark
    Kathleen L 11