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Talking to Heaven

by James van Praagh
  • Five stars
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    Talking to Heaven by James van Praagh is easily one of the best books I have ever read. Not only does Praagh gracefully and eloquently write about the often-skepticized subject of mediumship, but he also creates a sense of peace for ANY reader whether they have lost a loved one or not. Covering topics such as death, the afterlife, communicating with lost loved ones, and the life we live in between, Talking to Heaven is a beautifully crafted narrative that informs readers that their loved ones are more likely than not at peace and even accepting of passing on, but also provides readers with a sense of comfort where they know, too, when their time has come to an end on this earth, the transition will be seamless and perhaps even spiritually enlightening. It is rare to come across a book or author who deals with death so gently, and Talking to Heaven is a literal breath of fresh air that reminds us to consistently send lost loved ones thoughts of light and love, while cherishing the precious time that we are granted on this earth.
    Madison S 17