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The Wee Free Men

by Terry Pratchett
  • Three stars
    Give it a try, if you have the time.
    Time Spent: Approx. 4 hours 810. What a cute book!! This is another story, the first in a series, that is among the 'Discworld' novels. It follows a young, prospective witch named Tiffany Aching as she goes on a supernatural adventure to save her brother. It was obviously written for all ages Tiffany is only 9, and I would have loved reading it when I was younger. Seeing a headstrong, smart female character who is so young would definitely have been a big inspiration for me. I also really, really enjoy Discworld's super soft magic system it's mystic and mysterious, but still manages to be cohesive enough to make perfect sense. And I loved loved loved the witches too - so cool! I appreciate that the book made some points about how important it is to think critically. The book was funny, too - not enough to get me to laugh out loud, but easily amusing enough to keep me engaged throughout. Although this book isn't for everyone and is definitely catered towards younger audiences, there's no patronizationsimplification present. I'd have this one on my bookshelf, for sure!
    Victoria H Grade 12