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by Mike Lupica
cover: Heat
  • Three stars
    Give it a try, if you have the time.
    Warning - SPOILER! If you like baseball, you will like this book. The first thing I would like to say is that I would not always want to trade places with Michael Arroyo in the book Heat. Why? I say no because for one, he is an orphan because his parents recently died and his brother who takes care of him is only 17. I would not want to live without parents. The only reason I would want to be him would be because I like baseball, and he was famous for being able to pitch 80 miles per hour and for stopping a crime with a baseball. Another reason I wouldn’t like to be Michael would be because he had to take a boat over to the U.S.A. which would make me seasick and nervous. Also his dad had tattoos. For some reason, if someone has a tattoo, it just makes me mad at that person. At the end of the story when Michael plays at the Yankee stadium, I would like to be him. But for most of the story, I wouldn’t. Another part of the book I would not want to be him would be the time he saw his brother about to be arrested. If I saw someone in my family get arrested, I would just want to go to sleep until they got back. I would also hate to be Michael when he had to stop playing Little League for some time because Justin and his dad wrote a complaint about his age. You have to be 12 and under to play Little League and they accused him of being too old. I would hate to be Michael whenever he was near “Justin the Jerk.” It would be fun to be Michael when he spent time with Mrs. C. who cooked him dinner. I like to spend time with people like her. The part where the orphanage person was questioning him made you think he would get sent to an orphanage, so I would hate to be him at that time. If I was doing something illegal, I would hate to be questioned because I would be afraid of getting caught. In conclusion, in some parts of the story I would like to be him, but in some parts I would not. My favorite time to be him would be at the end in the Yankee Stadium game where he got to pitch. Also suggested: The False Prince
    Isaac W. 11