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by Marie Lu (YA Lu)
cover: Legend
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    I enjoyed Legend very much. It takes place in a dystopian United States several years in the future, and involves two characters - June and Day. Day lives on the streets and June is a government official. They meet, become friends, and end up working together to stop things the government is doing, such as kidnapping children and using them as test subjects for the plague, which is an incurable virus that gets implanted into the poor people's water by soldiers in order to control the population. If you get the chance, read it. Overall, it's a great book.
    Edie B Grade 9
  • Five stars
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    I normally don't read Science Fiction novels but this book really grasped my attention from the great reviews and here is another one. Honestly one of my favorite books! Just the right amount of action, romance, and peace! Also suggested: Cryptid Hunters by Roland Smith
    Allison L. 14