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Out of My Mind

by Sharon Draper (J Draper, S.)
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    I really liked this book. It is about a character named Melody who can't write, walk, or talk, but she is the smartest kid in the school. It is one of the best books that I've ever read. Also suggested: The Lightning Thief
    Timmy W. Grade 6
  • Five stars
    Read this book right now & tell all your friends!
    Oh my gosh! I love Melody's personality! Everyone should read this A.S.A.P!
    Summer T. 12
  • Five stars
    Read this book right now & tell all your friends!
    I think everyone who likes to read medium sized books should read this. It is so hard to stop! Written from Catherine’s Point of View: Hello my name is Catherine, and I work at the H-5 room at the school Melody attends. H-5 is the room for disabled kids. Melody is in a wheelchair and can't talk or move her arms well. She had so much to say, but couldn’t say it. One day, I saw a video where a mute was talking with a device called “medi-talker.” So Melody and I went online to see if we could find her a medi-talker. We found this website with a bunch of laptops and we scrolled down until we found the medi-talker. The medi-talker allowed Melody to talk by pushing buttons and typing! A few days later, the teachers decided to put students from H-5 in with some of the other “normal” students at the school. The first of Melody's new classes was a class with Mr. D. Mr. D. said it was the time of year for the Whiz Quiz where if you win enough competitions against other schools, you could go to D.C. and be on tv. I helped Melody practice some questions for the quizzes such as math and state capitals. During the practice test, they were all A, B, C, and D questions, and so were the real tests. When the practice results came in, everyone realized Melody was the only one in her class who got a perfect score! That means she and three other people were on the “Whiz” team. Finally, it was time for the first round. Melody got up there and did very well! They even beat another team. After waiting another hour for some other teams to go, they won the semifinals match. It was close the whole time, but they took the lead on the last question. That means in about two weeks, they get to go to D.C. and be on tv! The day they left, Melody and her family got to the airport. The flight lady said the flight had been canceled due to stormy weather, and that the last flight was at 9:00 A.M. while it was 10:27 A.M. They missed it! Melody’s family and I found out that the other team members had gone out to breakfast before the flight without her, and they didn’t even call to say that this was the last flight. I think they didn’t want her to come because she made them look funny, but without her they lost. She got to school the next day and they told her that they didn’t invite her to breakfast because she takes forever to eat and so it would take too long. Everyone, including Melody, started laughing. That’s how the story ended. It was so frustrating to the reader when the flight lady said: “Canceled.” That was the most angering part of the book. The rest was amazing. Also suggested: Ungifted
    Isaac W. 11 , TLC
  • Five stars
    Read this book right now & tell all your friends!
    This book is about an 11-year-old with photographic memory, and has a disease so that she can't speak or walk. She is so smart though, but nobody knows it, until she gets the greatest tool of all that will finally let her speak. After that, she can show everyone what she knows, but not everyone might be ready to hear her.
    Natalie F. 12