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The City of Ember

by Jeanne DuPrau
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    This is a really good book! It's about living in a dark place, one city, with no sky. To light the night, we have, dun dun dun duuun- light bulbs! But the thing is, the generator is running out of power, out of electricity to power the light bulbs, and the people there are running out of food and essential things. But it seems like the mayor, a friend, and a worker are living lavishly. Doon and Lina do their best to find out what's going on and to find a way to expose the unfair lavish conditions to the public because they have been suffering because of the lack of supplies. And perhaps, find a way to escape the City of Ember.... Also suggested: The rest of the series, the movie
    Siri K Grade 9