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The Code Theif

by Justin Conboy
  • Five stars
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    The book “The Code Thief,” by Justin Conboy, is about a character named Dylan who is 17 years old. Dylan is really smart. At the beginning of the book, he hacks the CIA, gets caught, but doesn’t get in too much trouble due to his age. However, his brother, Don, gets arrested. Don is arrested because he is not allowed to be in a room with Wi-Fi accessible screens because he previously got into trouble with the law due to hacking. In the end though, I would want to switch places with Dylan. Reason being, after college, he creates a business with his wife called CodeSoft. On the first day of the release, CodeSoft makes over a million dollars selling stock alone. Then, in a twist turn of events, an undercover employee releases CodeSoft’s most valuable item, which compacts data onto smaller discs and USBs. It could store 50GB onto a tiny chip which could originally only store 15GB. I would want to be Dylan because he is rich, and there is adventure. In the end, Dylan hacks the piracy website and takes down his company’s “Code-Shortener.” Then, he gets kidnapped! I wouldn’t want to be Dylan at THAT time. He is kidnapped by a secret country’s leader. The country is called Aldoria. They kidnapped Dylan to hack the U.S. Government. At this point, if I were Dylan which I wouldn’t want to be I would do what the man said because he is holding a gun. So Dylan does what he is told and is sent back to his house. For the rest of the book, I would want to be Dylan because he is a millionaire with a wife, and is also working part-time for the CIA because of what he did to them at the beginning of the book. He works off his debt there and is offered a job at the CIA to work in a power plant. He accepts to do it for 2 months. I would still like to be Dylan at this point because he gets a temporary home there and gets to program some kind of weapon for defense. In conclusion, I would like to be Dylan. His life started rough, but ended out great. Everyone goes through rough times. He learned from his mistakes, but he used his computer skills to get rich and have a good life. His brother Don eventually gets out of jail, and is happy to be reunited with his brother, Dylan. If I could be a character from any book, I would probably have to pick Dylan. Also suggested: A long walk to water
    Isaac W 12