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A Tale of Magic

by Chris Colfer
  • Five stars
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    This is one of my absolute favorite books! If you've read the Land of Stories series, this is the same world, Brystal's world. But this is more of a dystopian-fantasy relationship. Magic is banned from all the kingdoms, children who have magic are killed or sent to facilities that force them to work under very cruel and harsh conditions, and on top of all that, women and girls aren't allowed to read! What's wrong with letting us read? Do the Justices think that our minds are too fragile!? says Brystal Evergreen. She loves to read but she isn't allowed to go to the library or read at all unless her brother, Barry, secretly supplies her with books because the fact that women are not allowed to read is a LAW. Brystal attends a school that is just for girls and basically just teaches them how to tie hair ribbons, and basically just learn to be a future wife for some man. The school wouldn't even teach the girls to read if it hadn't been for the necessity to read recipies. When Brystal somehow gets a job working at the library to shelve books, she is caught doing magic, but neither Brystal nor the rest of the people know how. The thing that makes this all worse is that Brystal's father is a Justice himself, and so he will have to see his daughter in court for committing the crime of performing magic. She is sent to the Bootstrap Correctional Facility which basically is for all the girls who have magic and are forced to work and never use their magic in order to get rid of their abnormal curse. Madame Weatherberry seems nice, she has magic, and she is looking to start a school for children with magic. Hmm... Will Brystal be saved? Will Madame Weatherberry ever be able to start her school of magic when the practice itself is banned? I would say read to find out but just read it! Also suggested: Land of Stories
    Siri K Grade 9