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Speaker for the Dead

by Orson Scott Card (YA CARD, O.)
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    I thought that this book was a very good thoughtful book and sort of slow paced. The second book to the Enders Game series. There is a new alien species that Ender must learn from. Also suggested: Enders Game
    Ty B 12
  • Five stars
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    In this thrilling sequel to Ender's Game, Ender finds his way to the human colony on Lusitania and is confronted by the difficulties that the town there is facing. This book is a literary masterpiece that artfully illustrates the turmoil of a broken family and the trials that present themselves as the humans must deal with yet another newly discovered alien race. It is a stunning work and readers will not be disappointed. Also suggested: Ender's Game and Xenocide
    Leah M. 15