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Two Can Keep a Secret

by Karen McManus (YA McManus, K.)
  • Five stars
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    A thrilling murder mystery. When a set of twins, Ellery and Ezra, come to their mother's old town weird things start happening. First, a high school science teacher is mysteriously found dead. Next, written threats towards the homecoming court. All ending in a homecoming princess going missing. Now, these events spark deja vu in the residents of the town as this would not be the fist time a homecoming princess goes missing. Five years ago it was Lesley, the homecoming queen. Twenty years ago it was the twins aunt, their mother's sister. Ellery is determined to find out whodunnit. In this compelling novel, the people she trusts? Her brother Ezra. Possible suspects? The rest of the town. Also suggested: One of Us Is Lying, Six Months Later
    Sydney T Grade 11