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by Katherine Applegate
  • Five stars
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    At first I thought this was just going to be another usual book. I remember there was one point in the book that made me stop reading and just think about what the main character was going through. Never in my life would I have thought that any kid going through what he went through would think that way. Just the fact that it really hit me I thought was really cool how the author actually made me feel what the main character was going through. It also really helped how well she described everything, for example at one point in the book Crenshaw the imaginary friend that’s a huge cat was taking a bubble bath with a bubble mustache with bubbles floating around the room. As I was reading that section it was like a movie or some sort playing in my head of everything happening from the little boy’s point of view. To say the least, it was not easy to put that book down. As you can tell I really enjoyed it, one of the few books that I will remember and definitely recommend to everyone. Also suggested: A Dogs Life
    Layla W Grade 9