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Down With the Shine

by Kate Quinn
cover: Down With the Shine
  • One star
    Go plant a tree in mourning for the ones that were wasted to make this book!
    Down With The Shine was a terrible book. I picked it up because the idea of it seemed mildly interesting, with a be careful what you wish for sort of theme. A girl named Lennie brings bottles of her uncle's moonshine to a party and follows the wish-making speech she has heard her uncle's say so many times, only to find out all of the wishes came true. The beginning was interesting, and it followed through with what the summary had said. The middle began to get very weird and strange VERY quickly, but I continued through. By the end, it got very confusing. It tried to sum up way to much in the last 5 pages of the book. I would definitely NOT recommend this book.
    Julia F 11