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by George Orwell (YA ORWELL, G.)
cover: 1984
  • Two stars
    Look elsewhere for a good read — unless you're desperate.
    I like how it strongly presents its themes of power, violence, repression, and rebellion.
    Andrew H. 15
  • Three stars
    Give it a try, if you have the time.
    What makes one of Orwell's greatest books are it's strong themes of power, warfare, violence, technology and modernization, manipulation, repression, loyalty, rebellion, and memory and the past.
    Andrew H. 15
  • Five stars
    Read this book right now & tell all your friends!
    Such a great read that told of a futuristic time if there was totalitarianism. The symbolism gave a deeper meaning that was darker and parallel to what was going on during the second World War.
    Christen G. 16