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One Piece

by Eiichiro Oda
  • Five stars
    Astounding artwork + perfect dialog and story! This is what comics should all be like!
    BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD. You have never cried as much before, you have not laughed as much before you are not prepared for the series of one piece. It's a story about a kid who sets out to become the king of the pirates. You will fall in love with every single character Besides the villains. But I warn you that as soon as you start reading 5 chapters in you will never be able to stop. It's not just the characters, this book has the best world-building, mysteries, fights, everything. It's such a awesome series with lots of fun comedy. and with over 1,000 chapters there lots to read. that may seem like a lot but when you reach the need it will feel like far to little. You have to read one piece or you will be missing out on one of the best things you could have ever done. SOo come aboard this pirates crew Also suggested: Naruto
    Claire.S Grade 9

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