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by Kathy Reichs (YA REICHS, K.)
cover: Virals
  • Five stars
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    I think that this book was wonderfully written. I love the personalities of characters, the mysteries that make you think, the small touch of romance, and the sciencey side to the adventures. Reading the story from Tory’s perspective I laugh at her sarcasm and marvel at her strong confidence. This is an amazing series that I keep coming back to read. Also suggested: Maximum Ride
    Caution B Grade 9
  • Four stars
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    This book is really good and a cliff hanger with interesting characters and a good plot line. I really enjoyed the book. It takes place in modern day time with secrets, gossip, danger, and suspense. Also suggested: Seizure, Code, Exposure, Terminal, Shift, Swipe
    Lucy M. 12