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Wizard and Glass

by Stephen King
  • Four stars
    Put this on your must read list!
    Time Spent: Approx. 14 hours 9.510. Oh my god. Oh. My god. I'll admit, I like to scroll through Goodreads reviews of books before and while I'm reading them, and I was able to gather that this was one of the most polarizing books of the series. Many people didn't like the complete break from the main story The quest for the Dark Tower to explore Roland's backstory, and how he gained his obsession in the first place. I am one of the people on the far side of the spectrum in that I absolutely loved every page of this book. I normally am not a fan of the leisurely pace this book takes however, it's never stagnant, and throughout the first three Dark Tower books I've already gained an appreciation of Roland as a character, and can enjoy the fresh take on his younger self. I almost felt disappointed at the end when Roland and his ka-tet began on their quest once again. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a whole other series just about Roland and his adventures with Cuthbert and Alain, or even some stories on the history of Mid-World and the beam guardians! I understand that to an outside perspective, this makes zero sense: no spoilers, I promise! Overall, I probably won't be able to reread this book for a while due to its pace, and there were some descriptions that I found a bit gaudy to the classic Stephen King effect, but this in my opinion is an incredible continuation to the series, and is tied for first place with the 3rd book, The Waste Lands.
    Victoria H Grade 12