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The Enemy

by Charlie Higson (YA HIGSON, C.)
cover: The Enemy
  • Five stars
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    I LOVED reading The Enemy! It is a pretty thick book so I wasn't super positive that I would actually finish it. The start is exciting and it jumps right into the plot. It's nice that the author put a lot of detail into the setting and the character's personalities. I honestly was so excited to keep reading or pick up the book again because the characters became so real. The story was fiction and I don't think it would ever happen but somehow Charlie Higson made it almost real as if it could just almost happen in real life. There are a couple of parts where I felt sad and frustrated along with the main characters, or happy and joyful! Overall, this was a phenomenal book! I wish I could erase my memory of reading it so I can read it over again! Also suggested: Dollhouse Murders - Not much alike to The Enemy but another amazing book
    Berlin S. Grade 8
  • Five stars
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    It was a really good book that transported me into a whole new world filled with zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. A while ago, someone recommended me to read a horror book, so I read a Steven King book, honestly it was not a good horror book, and my thought of horror books was not good. When I read this my mind changed and horror may not be as scary as horror movies, but this book was amazing. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a good thrill or being transported to a whole new world.
    Ellie K Grade 11