City of Beaverton Emergency Management Volunteer Training

Class Schedule & Enrollment


The 2023 sessions will begin after the first of the year. Register now to receive notification for pre-enrollment.

** No classes available at this time. **

Basic CERT Class Enrollment Process

Enrolling in a Basic CERT Training Class is a 2-Step process:

  1. Step One: When you registered, you were placed on an “I am interested in Basic CERT Training class” list and will receive an Email announcing when a Basic CERT Training class is available for enrollment.
  2. Step Two: When you receive the Email announcing availability of a Basic CERT Training class, you will need to follow the link to this website and login with the credentials (username/password) you provided during registration. Click “Class Schedule and Enrollment” to view details about the available class.
  3. Please note: Basic CERT Training classes are typically held twice a year and have limited enrollment space. Failing to respond to the Email announcement in a timely manner to enroll in the open class may result in your having to wait until the next class.

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