Room Reservation System

Deposits & Fees

Fee Schedule (for all rooms except Library Auditorium)

Security Deposit and Rental Fee Information
Organization Type Refundable Deposit Non-Refundable Fee
Private $150 $100 for the first two hours and $100 for each additional two hours thereafter (per day)
Community-based Organizations $50 Free for the first three hours or $100 if over three hours (per day)
Government $50 Free for the first three hours or $100 if over three hours (per day)

Deposits and fees are payable by cash or check only.

Type of Organization
Organization Type Description
Private Personal/Social Events
Community-based Organizations Non-profit/community based organizations
Government Government agencies (including special districts and elected officials)

Fee Schedule for Library Auditorium

  • Refundable Security Deposit: $250.00
  • Auditorium room usage fee: $150.00 per function

Fees and Deposits

Any necessary deposits and/or fees must be received two business days prior to your first scheduled meeting. Deposits/fees are payable by check or cash only. Checks should be made out to the City of Beaverton.

Deposits and fees for reservations at the Library, and Community Center may be sent to:
City Recorder’s Office
Public Room Reservations
PO Box 4755
Beaverton, OR 97076

Note: Additional Fees: Groups who call for City Staff to unlock the door (outside of normal working hours), will be assessed a $75.00 fee, and may lose their privileges to the Community Center for six months.

Note: For meetings that take place on a regular basis, the first deposit is taken and kept until the meetings are discontinued or until you request a reimbursement.

To Request a Refund

Request a refund of your deposit: