Proposed Development Projects

Five Oaks/Triple Creek Projects

The following proposals in Five Oaks/Triple Creek have been submitted to the City for development review, annexation to the City, Development Code Text Amendments, Land Use Map and Zoning Map Amendments, and Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

Types of Project Exhibits

LU22023-00721 US Foods Chef'store (updated (1/17/2024)



Vicinity Map:

LU32023-00356 CATT – Intensive Service Building (updated (10/11/2023)

CUN32023-00346 / CUN32023-00347 / DR32023-00348 / TP22023- 00351

Vicinity Map:

LU32023-00537 Bronson Road Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendments (updated (8/22/2023)

CPMA32023-00535 / ZMA32023-00536

Vicinity Map:

LU32023-00192 Panzer Mixed Use Development (updated (8/16/2023)

DR32023-00188 / PS22023-00189 / PUD32023-00187 / TP22023-00190 / ZMA32023-00191

REACH Elmonica Affordable Housing (updated (6/27/2023)

ADJ2022-0003 / DR2022-0067 / TP2022-0009 / LLD2022-0005 / ADJ2023-0001

Comcast Beaverton Generator (updated (5/8/2023)

CU2022-0011 / DR2022-0135

Elmonica Mixed Use (updated (4/20/2023)

DR2022-0139 / TP2022-0015 / LD2022-0018 / LLD2023-0003

Bronson Road Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendments (updated (2/10/2022)

CPA2022-0001/ZMA2022-0003 (Quasi-Judicial) and CPA2022-0002/ZMA2022-0002 (Discretionary Annexation Related)


Vicinity Map:

West End District Conditions of Approval Modification (updated (2/23/2021)


595 SW 150th Avenue Annexation (updated (11/12/2019)



Mansi Beauty Salon Home Occupation (updated (8/14/2019)



Vicinity Map:

Street Name Change for Private Street off of NW Evergreen Parkway - Street name change approval for an existing private street that currently comes off of and is addressed as a part of NW Evergreen Parkway. (updated (8/15/2017)


Vicinity Map:

158th and Jay Street Apartments (updated (6/9/2017)

DR2017-0043, TP2017-0007, LD2017-0007


Projects within a NAC

Proposed Projects: All Categories

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