Proposed Development Projects

Citywide Projects

The following Citywide Projects have been submitted to the City for development review, annexation to the City, Development Code Text Amendments, Land Use Map and Zoning Map Amendments, and Comprehensive Plan Amendments.

Types of Project Exhibits

Housing Needs Analysis Comp Plan Text Amendment (updated (6/7/2023)

LU42023-00247 / CPTA42023-00245

Parking Policy and Code Project: Draft Development Code changes (updated (1/4/2023)

Housing Options Project Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Development Code Text Amendment, and Zoning Map Amendment (updated (4/5/2022)


New Cingular Wireless Small Cell - Lisa Street (updated (7/14/2021)



Vicinity Map:

Small Wireless Facility Text Amendment (updated (4/22/2021)


Vehicle Camping Text Amendment (updated (10/9/2019)


Washington County Interim Zoning Type I, II and III Review Processes Director's Interpretation (updated (5/28/2019)




Vicinity Map:

Comprehensive Plan Land Use Update - Proposed amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. Proposed amendment is intended to provide a more user-friendly format and to reflect recent planning efforts, demographic changes, land supply and future employment needs. (updated (6/20/2017)


Projects within a NAC

Proposed Projects: All Categories

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