Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 8130 - 144th Ave Flood Remediation & Habitat Restoration

Status: Completed project

Project Category: Storm

Project Estimated Cost: $350,000

Project Description

Purchase property and associated building. Demolish building and restore green space with native plants. Daylight approximately 80 feet of storm pipe to a swale that crosses the City owned lot .

Project Manager(s)

Mark Boguslawski, 503-350-4025

Project Schedule

FY14/15: Flood prone properties (3805-3825 SW 144th Ave) purchased.
FY15/16: Building demolished.
FY16/17: 12-12-16: Completed 75% plans. 12-21-16: Completed final plans. 6-29-17: CWS SPL received.
FY17-18: Sep 2017 - Completed clearing & grubbing. Met with German International School (GIS) on 9-27-17. Project scope will be increased to include green space on north side of GIS. 11-27-17: Pacific Habitat Services (PHS) proposal for green space improvement on north side of GIS approved. 12-12-17: City forces begins storm drainage improvements. 1-8-18: Contract with PHS approved and design began. Discussions with neighbor at 3845 SW 144th Ave continue. 6-25-18: Work stopped on SoSM property because SoSM property is primarily wetlands. 7-10-18: City Forces begins grading and preparation for planting. 9-17-18: City Forces completes grading and site cleanup.

Project Justification

The SW 144th roadway is currently configured as a dead-end street; therefore, the property owners on the north end of SW 144th Ave between Erickson Creek and Millikan Wy lose the ability to get to or from their property by way of passenger motor vehicle during the frequent flooding events. For several years staff discussed how to mitigate the frequent and predictable flooding of 144th Ave and the impact on the subject property. Staff concluded that due to how the subject structure was built and how it accesses 144th Ave, there is no solution that can be implemented that would not cut off vehicle access to the subject property. The only reasonable solution was to purchase the flood prone property and grade and plant the lot as a green space.

The lot was used as a CWS vegetated corridor (VC) mitigation site for the VC impact created by CIP 3407. The lot and grading/planting plan was included in the CWS Service Provider Letter for CIP 3407.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).