Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 8122 - Major Storm Pipe Rehabilitation Project

Status: Completed project

Project Category: Storm

Project Estimated Cost: $15,000,000

Project Description

Major Storm Pipe Rehabilitation Project.
Use various methods to rehabilitate storm drainage piping such as Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP), pipe bursting, or open cut and pipe material replacement. This work will usually be done in conjunction with a water line replacement project and/or a street overlay project.

Project Manager(s)

Mark Boguslawski, 503-350-4025
Tristan Wear, 503-350-4059

Project Schedule

Continue design and construction for this ongoing, reoccurring, multi-year program.
Due to the number of storm drain pipe miles that need rehabilitation, it is anticipated that it will take until FY 2034-2035 to rehabilitate the city's storm drain pipes.

Project Justification

Much of the storm drainage pipe installed prior to the mid 1990’s was constructed with substandard methods (without gaskets to keep out plant roots at pipe joints and without proper pipe bedding) and materials (metal pipe with a short design life in corrosive soils). By using Cured-In-Place pipe (CIPP), it is possible to rehabilitate failing pipes while minimizing the amount of surface excavation and associated disruptions to residents. Due to the number of storm drainage pipes that need rehabilitation this is an ongoing, reoccurring, multi-year maintenance program.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).