Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 8101 - Stormwater Drainage Master Plan

Status: Current project

Project Category: Storm

Project Estimated Cost: $672,000

Project Description

Stormwater Drainage Master Planning (CIP 8101). There are four parallel efforts currently on-going in 2021:
1) Stormwater Drainage Master Plan document (CIP 8101). This is an analysis of and solutions to improve the City’s existing stormwater drainage system, which is bound by the current city limits and some adjacent areas. The document, which will be scheduled for adoption in the first half of 2022, will incorporate the following topics:
• Identify and rank conveyance improvement and flooding reduction projects. This element will be the basis of the Stormwater Conveyance System Development Charge financial study and rate update.
• Identify and rank stormwater treatment facility retrofit projects to provide stormwater treatment to currently untreated areas.
• Identify and rank stormwater detention facility expansion projects to be done with the periodic rehabilitation effort performed by PW-Operations.
• Identity and rank improvements to inadequate maintenance access locations.
• Describe the ongoing maintenance and replacement program, which is the rehabilitation and/or replacement of deteriorated stormwater conduits.
2) Tualatin Watershed Enhancement Collaborative (TWEC) for Cedar Mill and North Johnson Creek watersheds. TWEC’s mission is to help mitigate the impacts of flooding in the Cedar Mill-North Johnson Creek watershed while also improving watershed health. TWEC is the successor to the Governor’s Oregon Solutions process and the City of Beaverton is a participant in the infrastructure committee. The TWEC planning effort is largely funded by Clean water Services and Washington County. Recommended TWEC projects within the City of Beaverton limits will be shown/referenced in the Beaverton stormwater master plan document.
3) Downtown Beaverton Sub-Basin Strategy. This is a plan to address the Clean Water Services hydromodification mitigation requirement by providing regional solutions versus individual on-site mitigation, which take away development space. The Strategy will support economic development by recommending efficient stormwater management for properties in or near the BURA service area. Some projects identified via this strategy process could be listed in the stormwater drainage master plan document. This strategy was added to CIP 8101 via change order in fall of 2020.
4) Cooper Mountain Utility Master Plan (CIP 4154). Conceptual engineering of water, non-potable, storm, and sewer infrastructure. This will be a separate document and the stormwater element will be referenced in the Beaverton stormwater drainage master plan document.

Project Manager(s)

Mark Boguslawski, 503-350-4025

Project Schedule

Behind Schedule. Current anticipated completion date summer 2022

Project Justification

The last Storm Drainage Master Plan and associated rate study was completed in 1994 and requires an update.
CWS R&O 19-5, as amended by R&O 19-22, created an hydromodification mitigation standard that resulted in a substantial cost to downtown re-development. The Subbasin Strategy work is intended to develop a more cost-efficient way to address the hydromodification standard in a way that lessons the burden to downtown redevelopment projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).