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CIP 5210 - Hall Blvd (Ridgecrest Dr - Hwy 217) Overlay

Status: Current project

Project Category: Transportation

Project Estimated Cost: $1,400,000

Project Description

The intent of the project is to resurface approximately 3,350 feet of Hall Blvd from Ridgecrest Dr to the north side of the RR tracks north of Hwy 217. The scope of pavement rehabilitation will be determined by an independent pavement analysis. Work will also include the upgrade of approximately 18 sidewalk ramps to current ADA standards.

Project Manager(s)

Brant Holaday, 503-350-4084

Project Schedule

FY18-19: The budget of $100,000 for design in FY 19-20 is included in the overall annual paving budget of $1,200,000.
FY19-20: 11-1-19: Contract with DEA for project plans and specifications. 11-13-19: Pavement analysis received from GeoDesign. 12-30-19: Provided EG surface to DEA. 2-25-20: Potholed asphalt depth at bridge. 2-26-20: Modified two catch basins at Cirrus Dr to CG-2 style. Forecast: Complete project plans and specifications, and bid the project.
FY20-21: Complete construction in the summer of 2020.

Project Justification

The project section of Hall Boulevard is a five-lane arterial street that serves a primarily commercial area in the middle of downtown Beaverton. In addition, the street section is a major feeder road to State Hwy 217. The current Average Daily Traffic within the project is approximately 29,000 (both directions). The existing pavement is in fair condition with a low condition in spots. The current Pavement Condition Index is 74 which is at the low end of the condition spectrum for an arterial street. If the pavement is not rehabilitated in the short term, then more expensive repairs will be needed.

Project Image(s)

CIP 5210 Transportation project map for SW Hall Blvd between SW Greenway Boulevard and SW Nimbus Avenue.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).