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CIP 5095 - US Hwy 26 at Cedar Hills Blvd Improvements

Status: Completed project

Project Category: Transportation

Project Estimated Cost: $1,500,000

Project Description

A traffic signal at the intersection and construction of sidewalks along the east side of Cedar Hills Boulevard, under the U.S. 26 overpass, are planned to improve safety and relieve congestion. The west exit ramp will be widened to three lanes: one right turn (southbound) and two left turns (northbound).

This project falls within multiple jurisdictions: The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT), City of Beaverton, Washington County, and private development J. Peterkort and Company.

Project Manager(s)

Jabra Khasho, 503-526-2221

Project Schedule

FY15-16: Completed draft IGA. FY16-17: Project on hold pending resolution of issues with the Peterkort Corporation. FY17-18: 8-14-17: IGA 31298 signed by all parties. Design underway by Cardno. 6-30-18: City paid its share at $200,000. 11-21-18: Construction began. Jan 2019: base paving of the widened ramp completed. 2-28-19: Sidewalks completed.

Project Justification

The proposed improvements are part of the conditions of approval for the Sunset Station & Barnes Road Planned Unit Development (PUD). The U.S. 26/Sunset Highway eastbound off-ramp (exit 68) at Cedar Hills Boulevard is an unsignalized intersection. This prevents safe, timely left turns onto Cedar Hills Boulevard. Hwy 26.

City, ODOT, WASHCO and Peterkort Corporation have agreed in an intergovernmental agreement to contribute to the cost of roadway and signal improvements at the intersection of Cedar Hills Blvd and the eastbound ramp to Hwy 26. WASHCO has the lead in project design, ROW acquisition, and construction.

Project Image(s)

CIP 5095 Project Map for ramp exiting Sunset Hwy to Cedar Hills Blvd, including underpass.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).