Capital Improvement Projects

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CIP 4155 - Willamette Water Intake Facilities (WIF)

Status: Current project

Project Category: Water

Project Description

During FY 17-18, an IGA was finalized and agreed upon by the partners of a future Willamette River “Water Intake Facility” Commission. On March 20, 2018, Beaverton’s City Council held a public hearing and then proceeded reading of an ordinance authorizing the Mayor to sign an agreement to enter the Willamette River – Water Intake Facilities project as a financial partner. During FY 18-19, the City will be negotiating an additional IGA with TVWD and City of Hillsboro to become a financial partner in the Willamette Water Supply Program, which is the larger part of the overall Willamette River supply system.

The WIF IGA concerns the joint ownership, management and operation of the Willamette Intake Facilities (WIF). The WIF include "the fish screens, intake pipe, caisson, pump station building, and other jointly owned equipment" used to convey raw water from the Willamette River to a collection point where it can then be conveyed to water treatment plants. The parties to the proposed IGA are the cities of Wilsonville, Sherwood, Hillsboro, Tigard and Beaverton. The length of the offered agreement is perpetual, but a Party may withdraw from the agreement pursuant to its terms. The proposed IGA would create a new intergovernmental entity to be known as the Willamette Intake Facilities Commission (the "Commission"). The Commission would own and manage the WIF in order to enable the Parties to draw water from the Willamette River through the intake facility.

Project Manager(s)

David Winship, 503-350-2434

Project Justification

The City has a certificated water right, dating back to 1980 on the Tualatin River as the main source of the City’s treated drinking water from the JWC. The existing certificated water right in the Tualatin River allows withdrawals of up to 16 million gallons per day from the Tualatin River between October and June of each year. As part of the decision to join the WWSP, an important contributing factor considered by the Mayor and City Council in the decision was that in March 2014, the City secured a significant Willamette River water right permit from the Oregon Water Resources Department, that allows indefinite use of 22 million gallons per day of raw water from the Willamette River. The Willamette River water right would add a new source available to City for growth and as a permanent water supply diversity that would provide protection during drought years and/or if the Tualatin River were contaminated or rendered unusable, or if Scoggins Dam becomes unavailable as a summer stored raw water source. Also, the City’s existing surface water right on the Tualatin River will not provide enough wintertime capacity in the beyond about the year 2045 to meet the City’s water needs. A new permanent water supply is vital to the City’s future.

The Willamette River water right permit paves the way for the City to use that water as a source for eventual treated drinking water, once the WWSP is completed as planned in 2026. The City also needs additional water supply in the future, as the existing JWC water supply source reaches capacity over the next 25 years with new growth. The new source will contribute up to 5 mgd and allow the expansion of added ASR-well capacity for winter injection and storage of drinking water in deep underground basalt aquifers.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).