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FTR 4143 - JWC North Transmission Line (NTL) Intertie and Transmission Line

Status: Future project

Project Category: Water

Project Estimated Cost: $44,000,000

Project Description

The NTL Intertie project will construct a new 24" transmission main that connects to the existing JWC NTL line, near the intersection of US 26 and NE Cornelius Pass Road, to the City owned South Transmission Line (STL) at SW Shaw Street and SW 170th Avenue. The project alignment consists of three segments:

Segment 1 - extends from its southern beginning point at TV Highway, north in the same alignment in SW 170th and 173rd Avenues to approximately NW 173rd/Elaine Court.
Segment 2 - extends west in NW Walker Road from SW 173rd to NW 185th.
Segment 3 - extends west in Walker Road and Butler Rd, then north in Century Drive to its ending point.

One of the three segments coincides with the County's planned MSTIP3e project on Walker Road, CIP 5105 (Walker Road - 173rd to 185th). The final alignment is dependent upon geotechnical considerations and coordination and permitting with Washington County and the City of Hillsboro. The project may take 5-10 years to fully implement, with initial project phases being driven by County road improvement projects. Grant funding and alternative delivery methods could potentially accelerate the overall project schedule.

Project Manager(s)

Brion Barnett, 503-526-2592

Project Schedule

FY 18-19: Begin preliminary design and alternatives evaluation, including potential grant funding opportunities.
FY 19-20: Continue preliminary design (including evaluation of route alternatives)
FY 20-21: Finish preliminary design and continue coordination efforts with Washington County and City of Hillsboro
FY 21-22: Continue coordination efforts with Washington County and City of Hillsboro, advertise and award final design for Segment 1 (SW 170th/Shaw to NW 173rd/Elaine Court)
FY 22-23: Begin final design for Segment 1

Project Justification

The City only has a single primary water supply line, the South Transmission Line, located on SW Shaw Street just south of TV Highway. If the existing STL (which is not built to current seismic standards) was out of service due to an emergency at the JWC Plant, or a seismic event, the City would not have a back up supply line. The NTL Intertie Project would provide a secondary water supply line for redundancy, and would also be more reliable and resilient since it would be built to current seismic standards. In addition to redundancy and reliability benefits, the NTL intertie would also provide a direct water supply to portions of TVWD Area 4 (Waterhouse area). The NTL Intertie and TVWD Withdrawal Projects are both considered City Council Thumbs Up Projects.

Project Image(s)

CIP 4143 Water Project map for area along SW Walker Road to SW 170th Avenue to SW Shaw Street.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).