Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 4128A - Cedar Hills Blvd/Jenkins Rd/Walker Rd Waterline Improvements

Status: Completed project

Project Category: Water

Project Estimated Cost: $2,450,000

Project Description

Install 6,200 feet of 12-inch ductile iron pipe and associated services and structures.

Project Manager(s)

Brion Barnett, 503-526-2592

Project Schedule

FY16-17: 9-22-16: Awarded design engineering services contract to RH2 Engineering. 3-1-17: Completed design. 3-13-17: Advertised project. 4-5-17: Opened bids. Landis & Landis low bid. 5-8-17: Begin construction.
FY17-18: 9-8-17: Completed construction.
FY18-19: Project closeout.

Project Justification

In December 2016, Council adopted Ordinance No. 4694 to withdraw existing water service territory from TVWD. New waterlines and connections are being installed on Cedar Hills Blvd, Walker Rd and Jenkins Rd so the City can provide water service to customers in and around the Cedar Hills Crossing area. The project also connects an existing gap in the City’s water system on Jenkins Rd and provides an additional/redundant connection to the 45 Degrees Central/VillaSport Development.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).