Capital Improvement Projects

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).        

CIP 4118B - Settler Wy Utility Replacements, Phase 2

Status: Completed project

Project Category: Water

Project Estimated Cost: $1,400,000

Project Description

Replace 4,506 feet of 6-inch pipe and associated structures in the Robinson and Greenway No. 5 subdivisions built in 1976 and 1977. Utility replacement in these subdivisions will require multiple phases.

Project Manager(s)


Project Schedule

12-4-17: Completed survey, base map, and preliminary alignment for water lines. 12-5-17: HHPRI received base map and began drafting. 3-30-18: Completed 60% plans. 4-27-18: Completed potholing. 6-14-18: Completed final plans. 6-27-18: Project advertised. 7-2-18: Non mandatory pre bid meetimg. 3 contractors attended. 7-24-18: Bids received. 8-14-18: Project awarded. 8-28-18: Construction begins. 1-14-19: Last day of trench patching. Project is complete.

Project Justification

The cast iron pipe was constructed in 1975 and has experienced numerous main breaks in the past three years. City Water Forces have rated this waterline a top replacement project. Corrosive native soils may be contributing to a shorter useful life of water pipes and fittings than would typically be expected.

List of capital improvement projects (CIP).